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Less time wasted on bad content. More time spent bootstrapping your way to freedom.

Bootstrapping a business requires action, hustle, resilience and a whole lot of knowledge. As creators, we often need to learn new skills on the fly.

If you've ever wasted time scouting the whole internet for a book, reading 5 ⭐ reviews, only to realise - 369 pages and 4 sales funnels later- it's not relevant to your needs, I feel you. I've been there.

BookStrappers gives you quick access to the best books recommended by people like you - people whose time is best spent on what they do best: create.
Only the most actionable, relevant titles

You'll find all (and only) topics you need to move forward: development, design, psychology, marketing, a sprinkle of character... You need it, we got it covered. Because every time you have to skim through a list containing Fifty Shades of Gray, a little bootstrapper dies a little inside.

Leverage the experience of the "crowd"

Crowdsourcing is a bit of a buzz-word: the crowd is people like you and I. Let creators express which resource is most valuable, relevant and actionable, so that you don't have to guess 'n hope for the best every time.

From creators to creators, with

This is a place for business and books-loving enthusiasts. Yes, you are more than welcome to geek out about your latest favourite book. We care especially about self-published gems, and we'll try to support their authors, whenever possible.

A whopping lot of other features

A Forum. Custom, shareable lists. References. Reviews. Badges (because secretly we all like to brag about how many books we read)...and many, many other. You'll never have to type an answer the "do you recommend any books for...?" question, again.

BootStrappers is under construction - we are converting coffee to beautiful code.
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